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The Chisel and Dowel Woodworking School Pty Ltd has prepared this Health & Safety Policy in the interests of staff, teachers and students. The Policy not only applies at the Chisel and Dowel Woodworking School Pty Ltd facilities located at 10 Commercial Road, Kingsgrove, NSW 2208, but also where applicable, at any other venue at which the Chisel and Dowel Woodworking School Pty Ltd may hold an activity.

The Chisel and Dowel Woodworking School Pty Ltd is concerned with the health and safety of staff, teachers and students, whether they are using woodworking machines and tools or watching others doing so.

Key principles of the Health & Safety Policy are that:

  • we all have a responsibility for our own safety and that of nearby persons;

  • no one will use machines or tools if they do not have relevant experience or, if members with appropriate expertise are not present to provide training and guidance;

  • we will all use safety devices e.g. push sticks, when operating woodworking machines; and

  • we will all wear or use personal protection equipment (PPE) when operating woodworking machines or when near machines being operated by others.

To help ensure your health and safety and that of others, it is the policy of the Chisel and Dowel Woodworking School Pty Ltd that:

  • for insurance reasons, all students who attend a class must have their attendance acknowledged by their teacher, even if they do not intend using any machines or tools;

  • under no circumstances is anyone to operate woodworking machines or power tools unless another person, or if a student the teacher is present;

  • students deemed by a teacher to require more training on a particular machine or power tool must undertake such training if requested to do so, before using such machine or power tool;

  • if a student is not confident on how to safely use a particular machine or power tool they must inform their teacher and seek guidance from their teacher;

  • to minimise the exposure to airborne dust particles by machine and power tool operators  and persons nearby, where applicable, dust extraction equipment must be used;

  • any hazard or potential hazard identified by a user of a machine or power tool or a person watching, must be reported to their class teacher or a staff member of the Chisel and Dowel Woodworking School Pty Ltd [a hazard is anything, including work practices and procedures, that has the potential to harm the health or safety of a person];

  • anyone using a machine or power tool must wear clothing, footwear and hair style appropriate for a woodworking workshop [loose clothing, neckties, open sandals and  thongs, jewellery and long loose hair are not appropriate for work in a workshop];

  • safe work practices by all using machines and power tools are a must, including wearing  PPE, using safety devices such as push sticks, securing work pieces with clamps where appropriate, turning off power and unplugging machines and power tools before making adjustments and not leaving a machine or tool running unattended.

Woodwork is a wonderful profession and hobby but injuries can occur when using woodworking machines and tools. And yes, even experienced woodworkers can be injured, often due to complacency.

DO have regard for your personal safety and that of others.

DON’T use machines and power tools unless you have experience or are firstly shown how to use them.

DO adopt safe work practices at all times and wear PPE.

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