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19th July - 21st July 2024

The course will run from of from 9:00-4:00. The first day will be centred around docking the dimensioned components to length, cutting joinery for the two end frames and drilling for the threaded connectors running through the two main rails. On the second day we will focus on detailing and glueing up the end frames. And on the final day dress the top, sand and detail the assembled bench and fit a vice and other work holding accessories.


Both a front and surface vice are included in the cost of the course. For those who would like to splurge, I would highly recommend a HNT Gordon bench and tail vice. They are excellent precision machined vices made in Northern NSW. You are welcome to order one or both of these yourself and the cost of the included vices will be taken off the course cost. We will also fit a tool well/planing stop to the centre of the bench and dog holes for clamping and supporting long work pieces.


The timber is all select grade Victorian Ash. As the bench is built around components of a set length, there’s no capacity to increase the overall size beyond adjusting the height for each user. The overall size of the top can be reduced if necessary.


13th July 2024

Join Sebastian for a three-hour sharpening course at Chisel and Dowel Woodworking School, designed to introduce the essential techniques and tools for sharpening woodworking tools, with a special focus on chisels.

Course Overview:

Duration: 3 hours Focus: Sharpening chisels and maintaining sharp edges on woodworking tools

Tools Provided: Each student receives a 22mm Narex chisel What You'll Learn Flattening the Chisel: Start by flattening the back of the 22mm Narex chisel to ensure a smooth and even surface.

Regrinding the Primary Bevel: Learn how to regrind the primary bevel to restore the chisel’s cutting angle. Honing a Fine Edge: Master the technique of honing to achieve a razor-sharp edge.

Maintaining Sharpness: Understand how to resharpen the chisel between regrinds, ensuring your tools remain in top condition. Course Benefits By the end of the course, participants will not only walk away with a razor-sharp chisel but also gain the knowledge and skills needed to maintain this level of sharpness on other chisels and woodworking tools.

This sharpening course is perfect for woodworking enthusiasts looking to enhance their tool maintenance skills under the expert guidance of Sebastian. Enroll today at Chisel and Dowel Woodworking School and ensure your tools are always in peak condition.

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